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Lemaco HO-045
French SNCF 241A 59 Steam Locomotive
Green Scheme/Red Lines/Black Smoke Deflectors

USD$ 2500.00
Lemaco HO-102
French SNCF 240 P15 Steam Locomotive
Green Scheme/Red LInes/Black Smoke Deflectors

USD$ 2450.00
Lemaco HO-082/a
German DR BR 01 511 Steam Locomotive
Balck/Red, Coal Tender, Samhongsa
Extremely RARE!

USD$ 2500.00
Lemaco HO-027
German DB BR 44 594 Steam Locomotive
Coal Tender, Museum Engine, Mizuno

USD$ 2150.00
Lemaco HO-029
French SNCF 150X 192 Steam Locomotive
Green/Black/Red Lines
Built in Japan by Mizuno

USD$ 2950.00
Lemaco HO-074
Swiss BLS Be 5/7 151 Electric Locomotive
Brown Scheme, Museum Locomotive

USD$ 1750.00
Lemaco HO-003
German DRG BR 18 106 Steam Locomotive
Black/Red LIvery

USD$ 850.00
Lemaco HO-043/1
Italian FS E.432 030 Electric Locomotive
Brown/Dark Brown Scheme

USD$ 2250.00
Lemaco HO-021/2
Swiss SBB Re 4/4 Electric Locomotive
TEE Maroon/Cream Livery, No.10033

Lemaco HO-035/1
German DR BR 50 1053 Steam Locomotive
Red/Black, with large smoke deflectors
Built by Samsomgsa

USD$ 1250.00
Lemaco HO-026/1
Swiss SBB CFF Eb 3/5 Steam Locomotive
No 5885, Black Boiler

USD$ 1350.00
Lemaco HO-066/1
French PLM 231 6386 Steam Locomotive
PLM Green/Black

USD$ 2500.00
Lemaco HO-057/1
German DRG BR 33 102 Steam Locomotive
Black Livery.

USD$ 2250.00
Lemaco HO-088
German DRG BR 19 Streamlined Steam Locomotive

USD$ 1350.00
Lemaco HO-058
German K.Bay.Sts.B Gattung S 2/6 Steam Locomotive
Green/Black, no. 3201, Museum Engine in DB Museum

USD$ 950.00
German DRG BR 06 002 Streamlined Steam Locomotive
Green Livery Special Edition, 25 pieces limited edition.

USD$ 1950.00
Italian FS E 570.002 Electric Locomotive
Brown Scheme

USD$ 2250.00
Lemaco HO-040
Swiss BT Be 4/4 No 11 Electric Locomotive
Light Green Livery

USD$ 1650.00
Lemaco HO-007/1
Swiss SBB CFF Ae 6/6 11412 Electric Locomotive
Green Scheme with Silver Strip, "Zurich"

USD$ 1000.00
Lemaco HO-114/1
Italian FS TEE 442-448 Mediolanum Diesel Express Train Set
TEE Scheme