Micro-Metakit 01900H
Italian FS Gr. 743 073 Franco Crosti Steam Locomotive
Black/Brown Scheme, Snow Plow.

USD$ 2150.00
Micro-Metakit 02101H
German K.Bay.Sts.B. Pt 2/5H Steam Locomotive
Green/Green lines/Black

USD$ 1450.00
Micro-Metakit 99806H
Austrian BBOe Reihe 38 4103 Steam Locomotive
Ex Rh 109, Round Smoke Stake, Black/Red Lines

USD$ 1650.00
Micro-Metakit 96800H
Italian FS Gr. 691 Steam Locomotive
Photo Gray Shceme

USD$ 1695.00
Micro-Metakit 98806H
Italian FS Gr.477 ex. KkStB Rh 180 Steam Locomotive
Black/Brown Scheme

USD$ 1695.00
Micro-Metakit 04105H
German DRG BR 98 7512 Steam Locomotive
Modified configuration, Black/Red

USD$ 1250.00
Micro-Metakit 96802H
Italian FS Gr. 691.022 Steam Locomotive
Black/Brown Scheme, Museum Locomotive in Milan.

USD$ 1695.00
Micro-Metakit 11351H
German DRG WWII BR 03 Streamlined Steam Locomotive
Winter Camouflage with Swastika
20 Pieces Limited Edition for Train-Hobby ONLY

Micro-Metakit 06705H
Italian FS Gr. 222.007 ex Rh 46/47 Steam Locomotive
Black/Brown, with Kobelschlot

USD$ 1750.00
Micro-Metakit 00600H
Italian FS Gr. 691 Streamlined Steam Locomotive
Special Streamlined Configuration

Micro-Metakit 95702H
Austrian BBO Rh 269.02 Rack Steam  Locomotive

Micro-Metakit 07302H
German DRG BR 03 204 Steam Engine

USD$ 2150.00
Micro-Metakit 00801H
Austrian K.K.St.B. Rh 470 Steam Locomotive
Photo Grey, Royal Train Configuration

USD$ 1850.00
Micro-Metakit 04600H
German DRG T38 3255 Turbine Steam Locomotive
Prussian Green/Brown/Black w/o Smoke Deflector

USD$ 2350.00
Micro-Metakit 02204H
German DB.BR 01 015 Steam Locomotive
Tender 2'2'T34 Black/Red

USD$ 1750.00
Micro-Metakit 02501H
German K.Bay.Sts.B S3/5N Steam Locomotive
Original Configuration, Ocker/Black/While Lines
Only 35 Pieces Had Been Produced

USD$ 1895.00
Micro-Metakit 99804H
Austrian BBO Class 38.4103 Steam Locomotive
Black/Red Lines, Giesl smoke stake

USD$ 1750.00
Micro-Metakit 95101H
German K.Bay.Sts.B. S 2/6 Steam Locomotive
Original Green Scheme

USD$ 2450.00
Micro-Metakit 99805H
Italian Gr 853 Steam Locomotive
EX Rh 109, Black/Brown
Only 60 Pieces Had Been Produced

USD$ 2250.00
Micro-Metakit 08300H
German K.Bay.Sts.B ML 2/2 Steam Locomotive
Ocker/Black/White Lines, Original Configuration

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